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CBSE Accreditation


What is CBSE


All India Secondary School Examination (AISSE) in the 10th standard and All India Senior School Certificate Examination (AISSCE) in the 12th are the two exams conducted by the CBSE board. Now that we have brief idea about CBSE, let us understand how it works and what the advantages of this board are :
Language of Instruction for CBSE curriculum is available both in English as well as Hindi.
CBSE is a recognized board by the Government of India. The syllabus of CBSE is set with an idea of
providing objective knowledge which is tested in the competitive examinations.
CBSE has a student oriented syllabus that is developed understanding the needs and requirements of
an individual child.
CBSE with the introduction of its new concept of Grading System has really helped the children who are
not able to get qualifying marks in the Board Examination.
CBSE is driving towards enhanced learning solutions

Advantages of CBSE Board



The recognition by the Government of India provides it a better credibility.
It has an easier syllabus with English, social studies and science as the core subjects. Its syllabus is
based on faster learning and objective knowledge.
Major exams like PMT and IIT-JEE are based on the CBSE syllabus and thus the syllabus is exam
friendly. The students do not need to take any special preparation.
The objective nature of the syllabus helps CBSE students in the competitive examination. It has been
noticed that students of CBSE schools usually do better in the competitive examinations.
The CBSE syllabus is more scientific and focused in its approach. The whole syllabus of CBSE is
divided into shorter units.
The CBSE curriculum includes physical extracurricular activities like indoor and outdoor games and
sports that have a wide network both in the state level and in the national level.


Recent Developments and Futuristic Approach

In order to keep pace with the technological advancements, CBSE has launched an online educational system to sort out students difficulties. CBSE online provides study material for students. It is a powerful resource offering a stress free learning environment. It provides conceptual learning supported by multimedia resources such as audio, visuals and animation. These are also supported with relevant power point presentations, graphics and illustrations that are easy to understand, grasp, and remember. The multimedia-enriched way of learning is an attractive option to students, unlike books that tend to be boring. It helps create energy and excitement in the students. It also offers Self analysis techniques such as online CBSE practice tests, online sample papers and time bound CBSE model papers. The CBSE board is also planning to bring in an international syllabus to give it a global appeal. While mathematics and science will remain untouched, English and Social science might undergo a complete change. Will this make CBSE a much more practical and acceptable board around the world is still to be known.