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 Co-Curricular Activities

Every activity in school life plays a significant role in the development of students it is an essential part of school life and helps in enhancing learning process of students at school Co-curricular activities are compulsory activities which is important for every student to participate . It makes the student physically and mentally healthy. It is the true and practical experience received by students.
The goal of Co-curricular activities is to give better fitness to students is to give better fitness to students and to in calculate a sense of sportsmanship , leadership and cooperative attitude and team spirit Co-curricular activities are a great way to get a break from the four walled environment and to move outside the traditional classroom which gives a chance to students to showcase their non-academic skills. It in calculates values such as harmony, integrity, honesty, ethics and respect for others. A child’s personality is revealed through participation in varieties of Co-curricular activities.